Trump says Nancy Pelosi is RESPONSIBLE FOR J6 👀

ConspirActu 1 week ago 0

As all the time DJT is correct!!!  NP’s entire household besides the husband have been there.  A Christian TV Station had a video of her son-in-law speaking with the Antifa; her personal son was there too whereas her daughter was videotaping her Mama whereas exiting out on the again or underground of the Capitol bldg and bus a great deal of Antifa & BLM arrived courtesy of NP & the dems. Dems are simply poor strategist ’trigger they depart a path however then they proceed to make use of the Alinsky Playbook – blame Trump (lol) gaslight by the Mockingbird MSM and the WOKE nonetheless imagine (OMG).  How evil!!!  As Q mentioned, “Now we have all the pieces.”  Consider Area Drive, Starlink, Area X, and so on.  Let the Film be performed after EBS — hopefully quickly ’trigger these dems and their ally MockingBird “C*A) media’s playbook are getting too boring however harmful whereas the choice media are gaslighting what the dems are planning on doing whereas “We the Folks’s” blood strain goes up ’reason for Bidenflation, concern of warfare, begins to have argument with our personal WOKE household, and so on.  Maybe we must always faucet the shoulders of DJT & the White Hats ’trigger the Intel retains on reporting the identical factor however pushing the dates, or maybe as we might observe extra disclosures? or possibly there may be actually nothing.  GOD is aware of.  However because the saying goes, “Endurance is a advantage”  however we should not rely an excessive amount of on “hopepium.”  PRAY for GOD’s Intervention however of-course we wouldn’t prefer it ’trigger the great individuals might be affected except we begin constructing our personal ‘Noah’s Ark’.  GOD BLESS US ALL.



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