Anomalous Metallic Alloy Discovered at 1947 Roswell Crash Particles Website!

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Frank Kimbler holding a bit of particles.

On June third of this yr, Frank Kimbler and I discovered items of metallic out in the course of the New Mexico Desert on the famed 1947 Roswell Crash Particles Website. I launched a weblog put up about that on June sixteenth.

Roswell Crash Particles Website.

That is the location the place again in July of 1947, W.W. Mac Brazel and his son Vernon discovered this uncommon trying particles scattered inside a 200–300-yard space, thus beginning the Roswell UFO crash story.

Image of particles.
Measurement of particles.

On June twenty third of this yr, I launched a weblog put up stating the particles we had discovered is an Aluminum Alloy after testing it on the “Colorado Metallurgical Companies” firm, in Aurora, Colorado.

Testing the piece on an X-Ray Spectrometer, the XRS take a look at clearly exhibits AL (aluminum) is the dominating aspect. Different parts like, Si (silicon), Mg (Magnesium), Mn (Manganese), Fe (iron), Cu (Copper), Zn (zinc), Cr (Chromium), Ni (Nickel) and Co (cobalt) are current. These parts mixed make this piece of particles an Aluminum Alloy.

XRS Knowledge Sheet
Zoomed in image of the anomalous piece.

After talking with Frank and analyzing the take a look at outcomes, it was decided this piece of alloy seems to be a non-registered alloy within the 6000 sequence.

Now extra testing is required to be carried out to confirm this evaluation and extra particles is required for comparability evaluation.

So again to the particles web site Frank and I went on June twenty ninth.

Roswell Crash Particles Website on June twenty ninth, 2023.
Me and Frank Kimbler on the crash particles web site.

This time with me having a greater metallic detector, Frank Kimbler and I scoured the desert for hours and located extra metallic materials. The next image exhibits Frank painstakingly sifting via the grime searching for the piece of particles his detector situated.

Frank discovering particles.

These are the items Frank discovered.

Frank’s items.

These are the items I discovered.

My items.

Sizes of the items I discovered.

With extra items in our possession, it’s again to the lab for extra testing!

On August 1st, I headed again to “Colorado Metallurgical Companies” firm, to do new testing. This time on a “SEM”, Scanning Electron Microscope.

A “Scanning Electron Microscope” (SEM) produces a picture of a pattern by scanning the floor with a centered beam of electrons. The electrons work together with atoms within the pattern, producing numerous indicators that comprise details about the floor topography and composition.

Testing my earlier pattern discovered on June third and one other pattern discovered on June twenty ninth, we discovered the June third pattern was nonetheless indicating the 6000 sequence aluminum alloy and the opposite pattern was leaning in the direction of a 3000 sequence aluminum alloy. I made a decision to focus a bit of extra on the 6000 sequence alloy (pattern 001) as a result of now I’ve the identical piece of particles which was examined on two separate lab devices getting the identical outcomes.

An unregistered aluminum alloy?

SEM Knowledge Sheet.
Pattern 001 Particles zoomed in at 5000x.

This picture of pattern 001 is magnified at 5000x. You may see the unit of measurement to the decrease proper exhibits a distance of 5 microns. A micron is a metric unit of measurement the place one micron is the same as one-thousandth of a millimeter or ( 1 x 10 -6 ). This picture is in microchip scale.

Whereas I used to be having samples examined right here in Colorado, Frank was having his samples examined in New Mexico.

That is one among Frank Kimbler’s samples which was examined at New Mexico Tech.

Image courtesy of Frank Kimbler.

Particles samples have been mounted to an epoxy base and the floor was sanded and polished to get higher SEM outcomes.

Image courtesy of Frank Kimbler.

Inserting the particles samples within the SEM.

SEM at New Mexico Tech. Image courtesy of Frank Kimbler.

The next information is from Frank Kimbler’s particles samples.

Frank Kimbler take a look at outcomes.

In conclusion, not too long ago a complete of six metallic specimens have been analyzed at a metallurgical lab in Denver, Co utilizing SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) and XRF, and separate testing was carried out at New Mexico Tech in Socorro, NM utilizing SEM-EDS .

Of the six specimens analyzed, three of them are aluminum alloys with aspect compositions that don’t match any recognized registered alloys. They’re just like 6000 sequence alloys, a few of that are used within the aerospace trade.  These compositions have low Si (Silicon), excessive Cu (Copper) and low Mn (Manganese), values in comparison with the opposite three. 

These specimens have comparable chemistry to different particles which have been discovered on the crash web site a couple of years in the past by Frank.

The opposite “non anomalous” metallic alloys are just like tops and sides of aluminum cans. The unknowns have been buried deep, 3-6 inches and have a darkish patina on the floor. The can-like materials is shiny, with no patina, and located virtually on the floor.   

Realizing the remoteness of the realm we don’t know why there’s such a mixture of supplies. The metals are usually not considerable and typically it takes hours simply to discover a tiny fragment with immediately’s superior metallic detectors. We are able to solely speculate that the realm may have been salted by others, and even the army to via off investigators searching for clues on the crash web site. 

That is an fascinating thriller.

Additionally, the lab information exhibits that the three anomalous specimens are usually not trash and are very uncommon of their compositions. The heavy aspect barium was additionally discovered within the metallic and that alone could be very odd. 

Extra analytical work might be carried out on these alloys to find out their actual nature, that is only the start of a protracted journey. Right now Frank and I can not state these alloys are extraterrestrial, all we will say is present testing of those anomalous alloys don’t seem like a business registered alloy.

Who is aware of?
Are these uncommon alloys from a top-secret army venture?
Will they be recognized via a sequence of extra testing?
Might extra testing show or disprove the 1947 Roswell Incident?
Perhaps they’re from one other dimension?
Perhaps extraterrestrial?

Right now, we will solely speculate, however one factor we all know is true.

We’ve sufficient proof right now to show one thing crashed at this very desolate New Mexico web site, leaving small items of an anomalous metallic fragments exhibiting excessive trauma, explosive in nature.

Word: Frank Kimbler contributed to this weblog put up.

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