A Temporary Historical past of Anti-Gravity, with Curt Jaimungal on Theories of All the pieces

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This brief documentary was launched a few weeks in the past on the Theories of All the pieces (TOE) Youtube channel hosted by Curt Jaimungal, a younger filmmaker who additionally has a background in science and arithmetic and subsequently is uniquely suited to sort out a number of the hardest questions within the discipline of UFOlogy, to which he reveals a substantial amount of curiosity and a contemporary open-minded skepticism.

The movie is meant to discover the quite spooky entanglement (pardon the pun) between the fashionable theories of quantum gravity and the controversial albeit —on the time— very critical seek for the important thing to counteract and even reverse the consequences of gravitational forces, which was sponsored by two rich people on the flip of the final century: Roger Babson and Agnew Banhson.

Curt Jaimungal

That is the stuff which has triggered many years of rumors and conspiracies claiming the US authorities took the examine of antigravity ‘underground’ and managed to crack its secrets and techniques many years in the past —whereas conveniently conserving it hidden from the remainder of the world via alleged campaigns of ridicule and notion administration.


On a private observe, it’s laborious to not see a sure parallel between Babson and Banhson’s obsession with antigravity —which was fueled by their curiosity in UFOs— and the way in which by which Robert Bigelow has made use of his fortune to pursue most of the similar issues.

What’s much more attention-grabbing, is that even when these privately funded endeavors could not have actually paid off the way in which any of those millionaires (previous and current) meant, they did nonetheless handle to have a long-lasting impression in our society: within the case of Babson and Banhson, as Curt explains in his video —despite the fact that I’ve to admit a number of the ideas he mentioned are “above my paygrade”— their sponsorship modified the course of normal relativity. And within the case of Bigelow, his NIDS and BAASS organizations have dominated trendy UFO lore for the reason that Nineties, and are even managing to affect the mainstream due to ‘authorities insiders’ like David Grusch.

Should you haven’t completed so but, you need to try TOE’s in depth catalogue of movies, which embrace interviews with a number of the most essential scientists and philosophers on this planet. Lately Curt uploaded a dialog with none apart from Neil deGrasse Tyson, which we’ll in all probability talk about right here at The Grail within the close to future —if I handle to abdomen 2 hours of Tyson’s bored expression and condescending posture on why each UFOs and philosophy are pure nonsense…


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