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“Dem States are FALLING APART’ not solely NY ’trigger the Dem Leaders reside in an phantasm that if they’ll simply seize any political place by way of the ‘demonic machine’, mk-ultra’d their Woke supporters, use the mockingbird media to gaslight their lies, secretly change the Structure with the assistance of the RINOs and constantly observe the Saul Alinsky playbook; their reign of corruption & treasonous act will proceed ’trigger their mindset dictates to their soul that their god Baphomet is defending them.  However the dangerous information for them, persons are woke up – slowly however certainly and their finish is coming.  Do they even know that the 2020 voting ballots have watermarked so these ballots fed to the ‘demonic’ machines by the tens of millions that the media claimed that BejiingJoe gained haven’t any watermarked and they’re made in China.  As Q+, Q at all times say – “GOD wins on the finish ’trigger we’ve got all the pieces – WWG1WGA.” 



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